Pan Living - Energy Saving

The beauty of saving energy is that is cuts your energy bills whilst helping to save the world (in a small way, at least).  Some of these ideas will be very obvious, some a little more creative.

You could change your lightbulbs to energy saving types.  Some of the new ones available are very good now, so they are well worth trying.

It's all very obvious, but if you're not going to be in a room for a while, it's worth turning the lights off.  It'll make quite a difference to your bills.

There are lots of grants available to help you insulate your home.  You could get your loft lagged or your cavity walls insulated then turn your thermostat down a bit.  Click here for more information about some of the grants available.

It's worth checking the times that your heating and hot water clock is set to be on.  There's no point heating a tank full of water if you're out and about at the time.

Please let us know if you have any bright ideas to add to this page.