Pan Living - Recycling

All the local authorities across North Staffordshire have greatly improved their recycling facilities over the last few years. Most councils will recycle paper, glass and metal (cans etc.) through their kerbside collection services. Additional recycling facilities are available at specific locations in each case. 

To find the closest recycling facilities to your home, click here for the RecycleNow postcode search engine.

Details for each local authority are...

Newcastle-under-Lyme Council operates a fortnightly recycling collection where you can recycle paper, glass, tin cans and textiles.  They also operate waste disposal and recycling centres around the borough where you can take other waste including plastics.


Residents of Staffordshire Moorlands get fortnightly waste collections including recycling of glass, plastics, tin cans and paper as well as compostable items.

Stoke-on-Trent residents get weekly recycling collections.  You can put glass bottles, tin cans, and paper into your recycling box.  There are also weekly collections of garden waste products.
Other materials can be recycled at the Federation Road (Burslem) and Campbell Road (Hanford) sites.
Note that plastics can be recycled at the Federation Road waste depot.