Pan Committee Activity

The last Committee was on 25th September.

The full minutes are available here on the forums.

There are a few documents that have been placed on the Forum for members to comment on, but it's the last chance to get your comments in.  Quick shortcuts to all of these are given below.

  • Agreement for sharing Pan's system with other groups - forum topic and document here
  • Membership agreement - forum topic and document here
  • Jobs that members can help out with - forum topic and document here

Please take the time to comment on these documents before 17th October on the forum if you get chance.

The key points of discussion at the meeting were...  

  • No comments had yet been received on the draft documents above. It was agreed that another two weeks would be given for comments then the documents would be accepted if no more comments were received.
  • Penny has reviewed and updated the membership list so our files are all up to date.
  • It was agreed that the website would be the place for our newsletter. Jason will set up a "Pan Living" section for things like recipes, recycling information etc. We will also try to make the website a bit more exciting by introducing pictures etc.
  • We will review our Campaigns action plan at the Winter meeting and look at making some modifications.
  • The next meeting will be held on 4th December and will be open for all members to come along to. We're hoping to have a "winter food sharing" theme, so everyone can bring something yummy along with them! More information to follow.

Please look at the minutes for more information.