Pan Campaigns

We try to get things changed by setting an example by our own actions and putting pressure for change on organisations, companies and those elected to represent us locally and nationally. We will share information about the progress being made by those organisations, companies and elected individuals.

Pan Wholefoods Cooperative campaigns will focus around the three broad themes below.


1. Raising the Standard of Food

Pan Wholefoods Cooperative think it should be easy to buy and eat food that is locally sourced, free from artificial additives, organic, affordable and honestly marketed.

2. Local Community Development

Pan Wholefoods Cooperative think that our local communities should be vibrant and healthy and benefit all of those that live and work in them. We will help to build communities like this.


3. Recycling and Waste Reduction

Pan Wholefoods Cooperative think that the way we live our lives has too much impact on our environment. We think we should be able to reduce our waste by buying locally, recycling, composting and making better buying choices.


StokePan have agreed a six month campaigns plan that outlines how we will address the three areas above.  Click here to read it.